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What to look for when buying a condo in Bangkok?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Location and area.

Since Bangkok has incredible traffic hours it's an important aspect to consider your new home near one of the mass transit stations such as BTS Sky train or MRT Metro.

The majority of the people commute to work using one of these two types of public transport to avoid the car congested morning and evening streets of the city.

For that reason a walk-able distance from your condo to any one of the nearby BTS/MRT stations is a crucial point think of.

Luckily the majority of the new off plan projects aims to fulfill this important matter.

Photo by Dynamic Wang on Splash

Condo Project Identification

After location another important aspect of buying a condo is to identify your wants and needs. Making a short list with these points can be very helpful so you can make sure your agent can help and find the best place for you.

Make sure to inspect the rooms in the sales gallery with your agent and ask about the facilities in the common area's such as gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, reading lounge, library, etc. These are to be high quality prerequisites designed to give the condo owners the ability to have everything they need in their life at hand.

Identify what is important for you and a must-have and look out for it while searching for your new condo.

Ideo Charan 70 Swimming Pool

Who is the Project Developer?

The real estate market in Bangkok is home to many developers. Purchasing a condo designed by high sought after developers can therefore be a point to reflect on.

Some developers are very popular and have won many awards in different fields, so their condo's are of high end quality and give you a better chance for personal satisfaction as well as good options for investment.

In case you are looking to purchase a condo as a form of investment then there is an attractive option called a 'rental guarantee', something which you should certainly take a look at.

Many developers offer this 'rental guarantee' which is basically an agreement between the developer and an investor offering a fixed percentage of income to the investor for a set period of time.

In other words as an investor you are buying a property from which you know will give you yield for the anticipated future, a deal which is highly appealing and for that reason it is clear to see why so many investors move forward in this direction.

Popular projects that offer this deal are FYNN ASOKE and LEVEL CONDO BANGNA.


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