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Difference High-Rise & Low-Rise Projects Explained

Updated: May 3, 2023

In case someone wishes to invest in Bangkok city the matter of having to opt between a high or low-rise condo might come up. The main two reasons why people buy real estate is either for living or for investment purposes. High-rise condos provide an extensive availability of residential choices compared to the low-rise projects. This being said investing in a low-rise condo project can be the more economical option when it comes to cash flow as well as deliver a more secure and peaceful surrounding in similar communities.

Now that we know this information the question arises as to which one is the better choice? Prior to any decisive conclusions regarding the two options, there are a number of ruminations to consider which conclude to the condo price, architecture and design, location, etc.

The bright side of high-rise projects

The main advantage of the high-rise condominium projects in Bangkok is their location. They are often located in the direction of the different main roads in bruising vicinities which are often intertwined with one of the many Mass Transit stations Bangkok has to offer.

The prime reason why you can find many sky-scrapers near the main road is mainly because of the expensive land prices in those specific areas. Developers wish to create higher buildings to deliver more units in order to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Because of this low-rise condos of the same standard will be priced less than their high-rise counterparts even though they are located in a similar area.

One of the peaking attractions about high-rise buildings are their stunning views over the city and more specifically the Bangkok skyline and the famous Chao Praya River. Numerous residents are residing in these buildings and there is a greater variety in communal amenities such as fitness rooms, co-working spaces, conference rooms, larger swimming pools, golf simulators, clubhouses, libraries, theatre spaces and more.

On the other hand low-rise projects in Thailand can’t surpass a twenty three meter height which translates into a maximum of about 7-8 stories per building with a ceiling height of about 2.4-2.6 meter.

Because of this we can conclude that based on the architectural characteristics there are better choices available in high-rise developments for the fact that they are also providing units with a higher roof clearing. Units with a higher ceiling appear to be larger and more high-class when it comes to design and they allow for a more spacious feeling which is the main focus of the real estate consumers when it comes to buying a condominium.

Cons of high-rise projects

Fine particular matter and a higher amount of decibels are some of the drawbacks of high-rise development projects due to the fact that the residents are more laid bare to these issues because of their location near the main road. This leads also to the fact that seclusion away from others in the surroundings is to be less expected in comparison to the low-rise projects which inhabit a smaller number of residents.

The main reason of a multi-global community around high-rise projects is the variety in unit prices. High-rise condos often offer a variety of different unit size options ranging from as little as twenty to thirty square meter studio spaces to large and extensive penthouses sometimes bigger than one hundred square meter. The common area often includes public facilities such as small shops, dining locations, gyms and other amenities allowing people from outside to come inside the premises resulting in a lesser feeling of privacy.

The bright side of low-rise condo projects

Compared to the high-rise projects which are often located near the main road in the city, you will find that low-rise condos are frequently situated in the smaller streets nearby the main road. They position themselves in less crowded places.

Real estate developers focus on a specific part of the market because of the smaller availability of building ground options. For this reason they aim for people and neighbors who match with their community standards which is also making it more convenient to create a social circle since it’s more feasible to mingle with other residents.

Another benefit of low-rise condominiums is that they are much more shielded against any environmental catastrophes. This is mostly because of their lesser height when compared to their high-rise counterparts, making it possible to more swiftly reach a sheltered area for retreat.

Higher investment gains can also play a positive part when opting for low-rise projects, especially if they are well located. They are listed in a better price range compared to the high-rise projects thus making them more attractive for higher rental returns. This is particularly true if these low-rise condos are situated in close proximity to the main roads resulting in them having a higher chance to be sighted by potential customers.

The downside of low-rise projects

When we look at some of the lesser positive points of the low-rise buildings we see that one of the main downsides for the consumers is the limited field of vision over the sceneries of the metropole. Lesser availability of natural foliage due to the restriction of building ground, a less spacious condo gym and a more compact swimming pool are also aspects giving weight when it comes to the point of deciding whether to go with a low rise condo type.

Nonetheless we are starting to see that these matters are being tackled by newer and more creative architectural designs making still possible to create such desired facilities. Often times we can find wonderful lush green rooftops and tactically designed swimming pools and gyms when it comes to the more recent developed low-rise condos.

Attractive options for both

For stunning high-rise options in Bangkok we can take a look at places such as Rama 9 area giving Siamese Rama 9 a wonderful mixed use condo, new since 2019. There is also the new development Skyrise Avenue S64 and Ideo Charan 70 both giving wonderful views over the Chao Praya river.

For cutting edge low-rise developments there is Fynn Asoke located in Sukhumvit 10 Alley. Wonderful lush greenery with a natural rooftop garden and a stunningly designed swimming pool. Other breathtaking low-rise projects include Monte Rama 9, Dolce Lasalle, Level Bangna and Niche Mono Ramkhamheang.

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