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Buying Thai Property Safely During Coronavirus

Although buying property varies from country to country, people are still managing to buy and sell in a safe way. This is also true in Thailand.

With precautions taken in place buyers are still able to visit the desired properties or sales galleries to inspect their prospective home.

People are requested to take off shoes before entering the sales gallery, temperature is checked, keeping a distance of at least one meter is a must and there are hand sanitizers available to keep everything as clean as possible.

Prospected buyers are requested not to touch anything to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

Even if you are not able or willing to go out and view new properties, your agent can still help you out with digital video tours.

Agents will then record videos of the property and send it to you personally so you can have a closer look in detail before you start the buying process.

Despite the crisis there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Because a home is still a basic necessity for everybody, the real estate market in Bangkok stays open and agents are still at your service to help you find your desired property.

Prices have been reduced and prospected home-buyers and investors see the current situation as an opportunity to make attractive real estate deals.

Some of the current projects offering discounted prices on a limited number of units are NICHE MONO Ramkhamheang and SKY RISE AVENUE Sukhumvit 64.


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