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Buying an Off-Plan Condo: what does it mean and is it a good investment?

If you are looking to invest in the Thailand real estate market, buying an off-plan condo is a very attractive option. Since Thailand’s property market is rapidly growing especially in the capital of Bangkok, it is a very customary application for the developers to sell their units in presale also better known as ‘off-plan’.

This basically means that you are purchasing a condo unit before the construction of the project is completed, based on computer simulated graphics and premade promo units in a sales gallery.

This might seem very frightening at first for first-time investors, but this type of investment offers appealing opportunities since the price of an off-plan unit can be least 30-35% cheaper than buying condo of which the infrastructure is already completed!

Although any investment doesn’t come without risk, financial wise off-plan projects always come with a staged installment plan.

The first payment will be a deposit amount usually between 50,000 and 150,000 Thai Baht (1350 - €4000 / $1590 - $4780) to affirm the reservation of the unit. The second payment is a 15% installment after the buyer has had the opportunity to go through the draft of the Sales and Purchase agreement. The third payment is another 15% making it a total of 30% down payment. The final cash flow is the remaining 70%. This amount is paid once the construction is completed.

These forms of installed payments make it more comfortable for the investor as they can plan their funds over spread out period of time as compared to having to pay the total amount in one go as with on-plan or already completed projects.

Another benefit of buying an off-plan condo is that you have the first choice of the units available in the building. Since developers gradually increase the prices of their units during construction phases, the earlier you are in the pre-sale of the project the better options you will have available to fit you wants and needs. You will also be able to benefit from special discounts and giveaways offered by the project developer.

So all this reward without any risk? Well, as we all know any investment always comes with some type of risk. The main risks involved with buying off-plan would be that the completed project doesn’t fit your expectations given by the renders in the brochures and marketing material.

It is therefore always important to check and do due diligence about the project developer and his past endeavors in the local real estate market. Choosing a reputable developer drastically decreases the chances for disappointment on this part.

Another risk would be non-completion of the construction or delayed completion. Although a very uncommon scenario, especially with reputed real estate developers, you as an investor can be compensated for delayed construction, often in the form of deductions made of the final payment.

Finally despite the risks involved buying off-plan can still be a good opportunity to make some worthwhile profits, especially since the property prices in Bangkok have shown an upward trend since the last decade.

Alongside that take the expansion of the BTS Sky Train and the MRT in the Bangkok metropolitan. The new CBD areas are expected to have an increase in property price once the completion of these MASS TRANSIT network lines are finalized.

For that reason investing in an off-plan project near one of the expected stations in any of the new CBD’s can therefore be a good opportunity for you to look out for.

For more information of available off-plan projects you can check out Revenue Real Estate pre-sale projects on the main page. In case you have more questions, you can contact Revenue Real Estate agent at:


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