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Buying an Off-plan Condo in Bangkok: important points to know before taking action.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

After much consideration you have finally come to the point where you’ve decided to invest in the soaring real estate market of Bangkok. You’ve always heard about the great opportunities it has to offer especially in the off-plan condominium developments.

Whether you’re a home-buyer or investor, it’s a great step in the right direction to fulfill your real estate dreams in the land of smiles. Even though the advantages are many, it’s always important to be extra careful before you spend your hard-earned money in any of the new development projects.

Since the Bangkok property landscape is rapidly increasing, many developers have settled and it’s crucial to do extensive research in the market before making your decision.

One of the first points to know is the earlier you are in the sales launch, the better the opportunities you will be able to grab. Many developers offer notable discounts and other giveaways in this initial phase, so in order to benefit, be quick once any of the new projects are launching.

The reason why the rates are so competitively priced at this stage is because the developers want to quickly sell out their units to help finance the construction of the project. This is the main rationale why timing is key for good investment opportunities.

Developers also tend to increase the prices of the units the further they are in the sales process. These increases can go up to 15%, as a home-buyer you’re losing out on the better purchase rate and as an investor it could have a significant impact on your returns.

At this mid-stage the best shot you have is to buy from non-committed initial buyers or investors who were quick enough in the project launch and now wish to resale for a profit. Their offers will usually be priced at a better rate than the developer, since they want to sell their unit quick to get their investment back and secure their profit.

Once the construction has been finalized and the title deeds have been transferred to their respective new owners, the units are now on the resale market and tied to government property taxes pushing the price up even higher. Therefore timing is very important for a successful investment strategy.

This brings us to the next point which is the increase in price per square meter for newer projects. Prices are rising with every new development year after year due a variety of influences such as the increase in the land price, the higher demand for new projects, expansion of the developing areas and the ongoing major expansion of the mass transit BTS, MRT and airport rail link network lines.

All these elements play a major part in the increase of prices and simultaneously they are making Bangkok an appealing option as a place of living. So as an investor your chances for notable returns are best with new or more recent projects.

Finally it’s important to know that not every unit in the project is the same. Units and their prices are dependent on floor, direction/ view and unit type and unit size.

Often times the higher the floor the more expensive. This is because higher floor levels offer better views over the landscape. Open views over the city or the greenery of a local park are preferred over blocked views of nearby buildings and therefore tend to be pricier.

The projects also offer different unit types such as studio, one bedroom, one bedroom plus, two bedroom, three bedroom, loft and duplex. This diversification of unit types vary in size and style which all play a major part in the price you are purchasing for.

Conclusively as an investor or home-buyer it’s therefore best to be aware of these important factors in order to find your best satisfaction in your Bangkok real estate journey.

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