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Bangkok condo buyers: why real estate agents are a great tool & do they charge you a commission fee?

Once you’ve decided to invest your money in the Bangkok real estate market, the next step of finding the right property is another challenge. Luckily for you, real estate agents in Bangkok can help and ease your task with that and indeed it’s totally free of charge!

Real estate agents get their commissions from the project developers or the property owners so buyers do not have to worry about this. In fact approaching an agent in Bangkok might be the best thing you can do in order to find your desired property since they know the landscape of the city and can filter down the many choices to your exact requirements.

The more specific you are in identifying what exactly you are looking for, the better chances you will have to find what you want. Let’s take a look at some of the key info you should give to your agent.


Bangkok has a wide variety of condos and development projects available so the prices are very diverse. For this reason providing your agent with your budget will eliminate anything which is out of range, making it easier for you to choose from. Since you’re looking for a property in Thailand, it’s best to give your budget in Thai Baht if this is possible.

Purpose of purchase

Are you looking to invest in the Bangkok market or are you simply a home-buyer? In case of investment, off-plan development projects in the new CBD’s (Central Business District) areas are a great option. Off-plan projects offer very competitive rates compared to infrastructures which are already completed, so great for investment. If you are a home-buyer and are looking for something ready to move in, then completed projects are the way to go. Though they might be pricier than their off-plan counter parts, you’ll have a visual idea of the unit layout and the immediate availability to settle down instantly.


After your budget this is probably the most important point. Where do you want to live? Somewhere quite with a touch of nature? Central Bangkok with its established business centers? Or perhaps one of the new developing CBD’s? International schools, private hospitals or other important attractions you wish to have nearby? Be sure to give these details to your agent. Plus alongside any of these options locating yourself near one the mass transit stations such as the BTS Sky Train or MRT is a great choice. This will make your travel and networking through the city a lot easier and convenient.

Property specifications

There are many condo types and projects out there and all of them offer a variety of options. How many bedrooms/bathrooms you wish to have? What about the unit size? Single room, studio, one bedroom, one bedroom plus, two bedroom one bathroom, double bedroom & double bathroom, loft style or duplex or perhaps a penthouse? Any facilities you need, such as gym, pool, rooftop garden, clubhouse, library, lounge bar, private parking or private elevator? Make sure to mention these to your agent so he or she will take this into account while searching for your new home.

In case you are looking for a trusted real estate agent in Bangkok to help you find your dream home, you can always contact Revenue Real Estate Agent at


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