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About us

We are Revenue Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd., your property agent in Bangkok, Thailand. Our focus is to provide our customers with the best service to help them find their dream property. We do that by fixating on the residential and commercial real estate sector of Bangkok. The majority of our current projects are located in the capital in and around the Central Business District of the city. 


There are a vast number of rental and sale listings in the condominium and housing market within our arsenal of resources. In addition we also have opportunities for those who wish to invest in the hotel industry of Thailand. With an exclusive collection of commercial real estate buildings there are plenty to choose from to either convert building blocks or take over existing hotels for long term lease or sale. Or perhaps you are searching for an office space to rent or buy within the central area of Bangkok? We welcome you for a chat to help satify your search to finding the right property. 

We support you by extending a helping hand with your investment and making everything smooth and easy. You will have a worry-free mind while Revenue Real Estate assists you with the best efforts.


All our projects are exclusive property deals and are of the finest quality with high-end luxury and design to fit your desires. We are looking forward to be your professional and friendly guide in finding the real estate of your dreams.

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